Employees are granted a wide range of protections under state and federal law. Workers should expect a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. Employees should also expect to be properly paid for the work that they perform. When employers violate these laws, it is important to turn to skilled legal counsel to help put a stop to these illegal actions.

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We Handle A Wide Range Of Employment Law Matters

Our lawyers represent workers in all types of employment law claims, including those involving:

Discrimination: It is illegal for employers to discriminate against another person based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and any real or perceived disability. Discrimination may occur during the hiring process when a qualified person is turned down for a job based on his or her membership in a protected class, during the course of employment or when a person is fired due to his or her membership in a protected class.

Sexual harassment: Recent news stories have shown a light on the ongoing practice of sexual harassment across all fields of employment. However, proving claims of sexual harassment is often easier said than done. There are certain processes that must be followed in order to build a strong case proving harassment. We can help guide you through these processes.

Workplace retaliation: Some workplaces may attempt to shut down worker complaints by making life miserable for workers who seek workplace protections. Demotions, passing qualified people over for promotion or continually assigning the least desirable tasks to certain employees may qualify as retaliation.

Wrongful termination: California follow the doctrine of "at-will" employment. Basically, this means that an employer has the right to terminate an employee for any reason or for no reason at all. However, an employer may not terminate an employee due to his or her status as the member of a protected class or in retaliation for reporting illegal behavior in the workplace.

Protection for whistleblowers: The government has recognized the importance of providing protections for employees who report fraud, misconduct, safety violations and other illegal behaviors carried out by employers and others in positions of authority. We can help protect you from retaliation if you are wishing to report an employer's unlawful activities.

Wage and hour issues: It seems simple. You should receive proper compensation for the time you spend at work. However, wage and hour issues are an ongoing problem in the workplace. We can help if you are not being paid overtime or are being paid less than minimum wage.

Misclassification of employees: Whether an employee is classified as an hourly employee or a salaried employee, or whether an employee is not classified as an employee at all but rather an independent contractor, has an impact on the type and amount of compensation a worker should be paid. We can let you know whether it is likely that you are being improperly classified.

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