The attorneys at Limonjyan Law Group provide comprehensive workers' compensation representation to members of all types of unions. We understand that union workers may have additional protections not granted to nonunion workers, and we can let you know what impact this may have on your claim. If you have suffered an injury at work, call our law offices in Burbank at 213-640-2693 to schedule an initial consultation with our lawyers.

Guiding You Through The Workers' Compensation Process

Union workers are entitled to the same workers' comp benefits as anyone else. However, union members are employed under contracts that have different terms than a nonunion, "at-will" employee. This fact can make the claims process for collecting workers' compensation more complex than a standard claim and skilled legal guidance is essential.

In addition to ensuring that all procedures and filing guidelines are properly carried out, we can also explore whether your union membership entitles you to any additional benefits while you are treating your workplace injury, such as collecting compensation from a general union member welfare fund.

Hurt On The Job? Contact Us.

We are dedicated to ensuring union members understand their legal options, and helping them get the medical care and compensation they need following a workplace accident. To schedule an appointment with our attorneys call us at 213-640-2693. You may also contact us online and we will respond to your message promptly. In addition to English, we speak Spanish, Russian and Armenian, and we provide representation to workers throughout Southern California.